•  Why does this number 2520 show itself so mysteriously throughout Scripture?  

  • Why is the number 2520 found in chapters of the Bible that mention the Ark of the Covenant, the Altar, the Temple, and the Time of Jacob's Trouble?

  • Why does is it seem the number 2520 is intrinsically built into the Universe, and is a critical component to measure not only distances and dimensions, but it's also used to measure time in Scripture, from Years, to Weeks, to Days, and, possibly, even to Hours?


2520... in the Word

  • Numbers Chapter 7

  • Joshua Chapter 6

  • Daniel Chapter 9

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      2520...  IN Time

  • In Years (605 BC - 1948 AD)

  • In Weeks (06/07/1967 - 09/23/2015)

  • In Days ( ???)

        2520...  IN SPACE  

  • found in the diameter of the Earth

  • found in the diameter of the Moon

  • found in the distance from the Earth to the Moon

found in both His Word and His World.

2520 is found in numerous places in Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation, though never plainly listed as the number 2520.

2520 is the literal 'fingerprint' of God

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